A Slow Fire Burning – Paula Hawkins – Book Review 4/5 stars

I was super hyped for this — and WOW did it ever deliver. It threw me for a loop, keeping me invested and guessing from beginning to end.

It centers on three women who are all known by the victim Daniel, who at twenty-three is found brutally murdered on a London houseboat.

•Laura, his one-night-stand, who’d had a traumatic brain injury.

•Carla, his grief-stricken Aunt.

•Miriam, his nosy neighbor full of secrets, who found him.

•And for more twisty fun we have a fourth possible suspect, Theo his Uncle, a writer, who’s also full of secrets.

Dun Dun Dun…

Told in multiple POV’s, there’s quite a number of damaged, sketchy and unreliable characters — sporting anger, jealousy, revenge and deceit, so many troubled souls that I had no idea who the culprit was. They all had a motive for murder… with the exception of the sweet eighty year old lady, Irene. After all, she is eighty, she wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone right? Figuring out WHO did it was a mystery in itself, especially finding the characters were all inadvertently connected to one another.

This has a book within a book. It gets down and dirty exploring the destructive nature of past trauma’s that become the slow fire burning within each character. And let’s not forget the red herrings mixed throughout giving me something more to chew on. Bravo to Paula Hawkins who has written a clever, character driven story with murder, mayhem, and a handful of suspects putting me in mind of my favorite old-school Hallmark rerun — Murder, She Wrote. (one more thing — I absolutely loved the complicated family relationships 👍🏻) A Slow Fire Burning is a win-win for me. Recommend!

*At the beginning I had a bit of trouble keeping the characters straight. It’s slower paced at first, but is well worth it so stick with it. (the title suits perfectly)

***Caution for death of a pet.