With author Alice Feeney I always know I’m in for a real treat when she releases a new book. Rock Paper Scissors is written with an atmospheric intention that made her story come alive for me. I loved the eerie, dark-toned setting of an isolated centuries-old chapel sitting out in the middle of the Scottish Highlands. Add to that the dismal weather. A hellish winter snow storm, making you feel a bit claustrophobic, and utterly frightened to be pinned in with no way to reach help if needed.

This is a classic psychological thriller with a slow build of tension and suspense that kept me hooked, short chapters that keep the plot moving, and is told in multiple perspectives with unreliable characters I did not trust.

I flew through this trying to piece together what’s going on, creating all of these theories in my mind which I could only guess at through most of the book. I can’t really give any more away due to spoilers because there’s surprise elements, every chapter reveals something more interesting. I liked how Alice Feeney kept the twists coming — after the one BIG twist, there’s still things you’re finding out with two (very unexpected & least expected) twists in the last two chapters. Wow. She got me good. It was a great experience to read.

I’ve read and recommend any Alice Feeney book — all are winners!