Rules for Heiresses – Amalie Howard – Review 5/5 stars – Released 10/26/21

• A rebellious heiress determined to be independent

• A shunned duke forced to return to his family estate

• And a scandal between them that will have the whole town aflutter

Sometimes, finding love means flouting the rules..

~ Book Review ~

This is a super fun childhood friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romance, and has a forced marriage trope with diverse characters (that I loved seeing!) The plot involves villains and espionage that gave this story a little something extra too.

Our heroine, the privileged Lady Ravenna Huntley, is an opinionated, sassy spitfire.

Our hero, Lord Courtland Chase, grandson of the Duke of Ashvale, is referred to as “the island Duke” by his peers. He’s content on living his life away from London after being driven from his home by his stepmother.

Rules for Heiresses is set on the island of Antigua, West Indies and in/around London. Courtland has no family (besides his marriage of convenience to new wife, Raveena) with the exception of a step-mother and half-brother that hate his mixed blood. They want him gone and had told the ton he had died so his half-brother could become the Duke in his place. Well Courtland put an immediate stop to that. Ravenna and Cordy have tons of chemistry, there’s so much pining, and things get quite steamy during the moments they actually let their guard down. I loved how Ravenna proved to Cordy that he WAS worthy of everything he has, standing by his side as he went through his inner turmoil. This is not to be missed!

I also recommend by Amalie Howard, The Beast of Beswick and The Rakehell of Roth. All three are outstanding.

*Thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley for kindly providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.