Book #1 Taming of the Dukes series. An opposites attract, fake dating, and sunshine/grump trope, with a nod to PRETTY WOMAN 🎬 including the heroine’s sister named “Vivienne”.. from the movie! 😉

Our hero, Lord Lysander Blackstone—the Duke of Montcroix, gets lost in seedy Covent Garden and comes across our heroine in the street crying.. angry tears?!? Yep.. our heroine Miss Neve Valery is sad, mad, and everything in-between due to the fact she’s an out-of-work Parisian ballerina 🩰 that can’t get hired.

They end up huddled together in a precarious position in a narrow alley while being chased by a horde of drunken robbers. 💥Sparks💥 do fly let me tell you! He proposes to hire her to be his companion at a ball.. and to convince an Earl he’s no rake to close a land deal.

This turns into a fake engagement with sexual tension and sizzling chemistry 🥵 that is too hot for the couple not to pursue. This is quite the steamy romance!! 🔥

Thanks to Forever and NetGalley for providing a digital review copy. All opinions are my own. Pub. 7/12/22