The Secret Next Door – Rebecca Taylor – Review 4/5 stars – Pub. 11/9/21

WOW, what A THRILLING ride of domestic suspense!! The majestic Colorado Rockies are the backdrop to THE ENCLAVE, -an exclusive suburban neighborhood where perfection, money, status, and wine flows 24/7. And of course, there is a downside of living within The Enclave; gossip, deception, drama, and yes, murder.

The story is told from the perspectives of Alyson and Bonnie, two women, worlds apart different, but struggling all the same.

Alyson Tinsdale wants to give her 5-year-old, Andrew, everything she never had; a stable family, beautiful home, safe neighborhood, great school, and in doing so, her and her husband have over-extended themselves. And fitting in isn’t as easy as Alyson thought.

Bonnie Sloan is The Enclaves matriarch. She’s been playing house long enough, and now wants a Colorado senate seat. She bows out when her son is found at the nearby lake, his death ruled a homicide. Neighborhood tension is spilling over at this point.

Delving beyond the main characters into the neighborhood families as a whole, I loved the insight into their lives, which gradually showed the truth behind The Enclave facade, -their lives being anything but put together. I was glued to my seat reading about their secrets and outer disguises (reminding me of my favorite tv show, Desperate Housewives.) I found myself highly anticipating what the author was going to throw at me next. This is very entertaining, turning into much more than your everyday drama. A page-turner for sure!

*Much thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Landmark via NetGalley for approving this arc in return for an honest review.